How to Use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 14 to Share Your Connection

Finding the right method on how to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 14 is what you need for temporary purposes. A personal hotspot can help a lot when you do not have any internet access for your Mobile, Laptop, or Mac.

A personal hotspot is useful when you want to share the internet data on your device. It can be your Apple or your Friends or Family device. Additionally, you can set up a password for a personal hotspot and connect it to your hotspot by family request.

use personal hotspot on iphone 14

Complete guide to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 14

In this iPhone 14 tutorial, we will give you the complete guide to use the personal hotspot on your iPhone 14 with the latest version of iOS. In the latest update, some updates are available under the settings of the personal hotspot. But, the main process is to sharing the data or joining Another device to the personal hotspot is still the same process.

The personal hotspot of the iPhone is tiny, but it is a useful tool to share the internet using the optimum ways such as Wi-Fi with USB or activating the Bluetooth. Additionally, it also needs a cellular plan. If you need a personal hotspot, a cellular provider will take extra charge if you want to share the internet on the other devices, as long as your carrier plan supports it.

How to use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone 14

With the use of a personal hotspot, it allows you to share your cellular data connection of your iPhone 14 when Wi-Fi network access is not available.

Here are a few easy steps on how to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 14:

  • In Settings, tap Personal Hotspot.
  • If Personal Hotspot isn’t listed here, tap Cellular to enable this feature.
  • If you still don’t see it, contact your carrier to make sure you can use Personal Hotspot with your plan.

personal hotspot iphone

  • If you’re connecting one of your own devices that’s signed into your iCloud account, your Personal Hotspot will automatically be available in your network list.
  • To share your connection with your friends and other devices, tap Allow Others to Join.
  • Your Personal Hotspot also has an autogenerated Wi-Fi password, but you can tap to change it anytime.

If you do not see the option for this personal hotspot, you should call your carrier so you can use the Personal Hotspot along with your plan.

How to connect your device to the Persona Hotspot

When you connect a new device to your hotspot, you can see that the status bar turns blue. It also shows the number of devices connected. The number of connected devices to your hotspot at one time depends on the carrier and the iPhone model.

connect ipad to personal hotspot

To connect a device to your hotspot, you need to open Settings, go to Cellular, and tap on Hotspot. Alternatively, you can choose Settings and find Personal hotspot, make sure that it is on.

After that, you have to verify the Wi-Fi password and also the name of the device. Stay on the screen until you have connected the other device to the available Wi-Fi network.

ipad connected to hotspot

If you want to connect a device, go to Settings and then choose Wi-Fi. You can look for your iPhone 14 on the list. After that, tap on the Wi-Fi network to start joining the network. If required, you have to enter the password for the personal hotspot.

That is the complete tutorial to use Personal Hotspot on iPhone 14 series. If you have further questions, please write a comment below.

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