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Complete Guide to Use Live Text for Video on iPhone 14

Users can use Live Text on iPhone 14, a handy feature that has been added by Apple since the introduction of iOS15. It revolutionised the way iPhone users copy, choose, and then take other actions with text in a photo. But, now Apple has released the iOS that also makes this feature allow users to use live text for video on their new iPhone 14. This addition makes the feature much more useful than ever.

use live text for video

About Live Text

iPhone camera lets you copy, share, translate, and look up text that shows in the camera frame. The camera app also works with quick action to let you call a phone number, convert currencies, open websites, and more based on the text that shows in the frame.

How to use Live Text for video on your iPhone 14

Whether you want to snap a short video with a phone number you need or notice an urgent message in the background of the video, here are the instructions on how to use Live Text for video on your iPhone 14.

  • Take or select a Video

Launch your Camera application, and then slide on over to the video. Record a video with some text in it, or you can select from the Photos app, navigate to and select the desired video.

  • Open and Play through Until the Text Looks Visible

Additionally, it is possible to use Live Text in a video when you play it back, not when you are still recording the video in the Camera application. You need to pause the video first before proceeding to the next instruction.

live text works with videos

  • Press and Hold on The Text Until a Blue Highlight Shows

Just like how text selection works normally in the Notes or Messages app, you can adjust the amount of text you choose by moving the light blue bars on the highlighted portion.

  • Choose An Action with the Selected Text

From this point, you can decide the action with the Live Text you make. You can just copy, select all, translate, look up, search the web, or share it.

Choose copy text if you want to copy the text and paste it into another application such as messages or notes. Choose to select all if you want to select all text within the frame. Next, choose to look up if you want to show personalised web suggestions. There is “Translate” if you want to translate text and choose to Search the Web if you want to look up the selected text on any web. The last action is you can choose Share to share text by using Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and other options.


If you cannot see the Live Text icon that comes with yellow brackets on the display, it is possible that the feature is not active. Make sure that you open Settings first, and then tap on Camera. Scroll to find Live Text and then turn it on.

enable live text on iphone 14

That is all the things you should know about how to use Live Text for video on your new iPhone 14. If you cannot see the Live Text in Photos, you can launch Settings and then tap on General. After that, open Language and Region and then scroll to find Live Text. You can toggle it on to start using it.

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