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Complete Guide to Use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

If we have to say that this year is the year of the iPhone, well it is not a wrong statement. It is because the iPhone has launched the most noticeable highlight in their iPhone 14 Pro series. What they did to the market is the presence of the new Dynamic Island. Now, you can use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to watch and do many things. It offers 40 uses with the support of iOS 16 and third-party apps.

use dynamic island on iphone 14

On iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can check alerts and current activity in progress in the Dynamic Island on the Home Screen or in any app. The Dynamic Island appears whenever your iPhone is unlocked.

How Dynamic Island works

There are two ways to use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro. Tap on it and you will get a lot of fun using the available apps there. However, when you long-press Dynamic Island, you will get apps like Maps to find some information. Even the app divides into two if you want to start a second task when one is performing.

Even better, Apple has changed a new layout for notification and animation. Most of the native iOS apps are compatible with Dynamic Island. This highlight also makes the third-party applications do some modifications to their UI and soon will release the new version. Here are the applications and features currently use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro.

System Alerts and Notifications

You will get a list of system-wide alerts, below:

Incoming Calls

dynamic island incoming call

You will see a pill cutout that expands to show an incoming call, together with call rejection and answer buttons.

Face ID and Authentication

When you are setting up the Face ID, Dynamic Island expands it into a window with the support of face detection details. Additionally, your device will show the face animation when you use the Face ID for verification.

Charging Status

dynamic island charging status

When you use a charger and connect to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the notch will enlarge. Besides, it will display the battery level as well as the charging status.

Silent and Focus Mode

When you switch between ring or silent mode, the alert slider notifies the users and it works for all iPhones. However, Apple now flash up on Dynamic Island for these animations.

The active Focus mode alert will appear and you will not find the Focus Sign anymore. But, after a few seconds, it will move to the left to provide enough space for other activities.


When you are using AirPods on iPhone 14 Pro, the island can show you the connection status as well as the battery level. It goes the same when you connect your iPhone to the accessory connection.


dynamic island incoming airdrop

Dynamic Island is very practical, and you can check your file transfer process effortlessly. Whenever you get anything through AirDrop, it displays a pop-up and when you long-press on it, you will get the process status.


Since Apple use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, it also allows you to see the AirPlay status with the pill-shaped cutout. In addition, it lets you view the linked device and then stop the mirroring. What you need to do is to long-press on it with no additional steps at all.

Besides those notifications, the Dynamic Island also displays the things below:

  • Sharing hotspot.
  • NFC scan.
  • Apple Watch.
  • CarKey.
  • Using Shortcuts.
  • SIM Card notifications.
  • No data warning.

Live activity in progress in the Dynamic Island on your iPhone 14 Pro

It is possible to see more activities on Dynamic Island. Apple, they use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro, here are the following available alerts:

  • Ongoing Calls.
  • Timer.
  • Maps.
  • Voice memo.
  • Screen Captures.
  • Mic and camera.
  • iOS app for music and audiobooks.
  • Non-Apple calling apps.

That is all you should know about Apple and how they use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro series.

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