How to Use Dual SIM on iPhone 14: The Complete Guide

Now you can use dual SIM on iPhone 14 that you have purchased outside of the U.S. market. It is one of the models that can work with one physical SIM plus an e-SIM. It is also important to note that eSIM is not always available because it depends on the regions and countries.

use dual sim on iphone 14

Here are the reason to use Dual SIM on iPhone 14

  • Use one number to support your business and another number to support your personal calls.
  • Add a local data plan if you want to travel to another country or region.
  • Have separate plans for data and voice.

If you would like to use two different carriers, you have to unlock your iPhone first.

Setting up the Dual SIM

Here are the simple steps to set up and use dual SIM on iPhone 14:

set up dual sim on iphone 14

  • Head to Settings, and choose Mobile Data. Make sure that there are at least two lines below SIMs. If you want to add a line, you should set up your cellular service first.
  • Turn on the two lines. To do so, tap a line, and then tap on Turn On This Line. Also, it is possible to change the settings such as Wi-Fi calling, Cellular Plan Label, SIM PIN, and Calls on Other Devices. The label will appear in your phone, contacts, and messages.

setting dual sim on iphone 14

  • Select the default line that you use for your cellular data. Here, you need to tap the Cellular Data and then tap a line. If you want to use the line based on availability and coverage, turn on “Allow Cellular Data Switching”. When you toggle on “Data Roaming”, you may get roaming charges.
  • Select the default line if you need it for voice calls. Tap on Default Voice Line and then tap a line.

More things about use the Dual SIM feature on your iPhone

When you are using dual SIM, here are the things you should know:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi Calling for a line if you want to enable this line to receive calls when the other line is in a call. If you get a call on one line and the other is in use for a call, but there is no available Wi-Fi connection, the iPhone will use the cellular data of the line that is in use. This way will let your device receive the other call, and charges may apply.
  • Open your Cellular Data settings and make sure that you allow the line that is in use for a call to share the data use. It can be the default line or the non-default line by turning the “Allow Cellular Data Switching” on. This way will help your device to get the call from the other line.

iphone 14 allow cellular data switching

  • In case you are using another device, for example, your Mac, to make a call through your iPhone with the support of Dual SIM, then you can make the call by using your default voice line.
  • For the users that start using one line for SMS or MMS messages conversation, they cannot switch the conversation to their other line. However, they have to delete the conversation first and then start a new one by using the other line. Additionally, you may get more charges anytime you send SMS or MMS attachments using the line that is not selected for using the cellular data.
  • Personal Hotspot and Instant Hotspot use the line chosen for the cellular data.

That is all you must know when you want to use dual SIM on iPhone 14. Hopefully, some information here provides you with all the useful things.

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