Easy! Here is How to Use Crash Detection on iPhone 14 and All Things To Know

Technology is currently being developed to make it easier for humans. Right now, you can even use Crash Detection on iPhone 14. We think that this is a useful feature you should know.

This feature helps your iPhone 14 to detect severe car crashes. Apple has added this feature to their Apple watch, as well. Once the device detects the crash, it will help you to connect to the emergency services.

use crash detection on iphone 14

How to use Crash Detection on iPhone 14

On compatible iPhone and watch models, you don’t have to do anything because this is an automatic feature, it will turn on by default. Alternatively, you can use the steps below to make sure that your device can share information about your emergency contacts.

If you want your device to send an alert to your emergency contacts, or share your medical ID, you can set up the medical ID in the Health app. But, if you want to share your location with the emergency contacts, you need to turn on the Location Services for Emergency SOS. To do so, here are the following steps to set up this feature on iPhone 14:

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and Security.
  • Tap on Location Services.
  • Select System Services.

iphone 14 location services

Note: Before following the steps above, make sure that you have turned on the Emergency Calls and SOS.

iPhone and Apple Watch models with Crash Detection

Crash Detection works for iPhone and Apple Watch models below:

  • iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models use the latest version of iOS.
  • Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra with the newest version of watchOS. Also, the second generation of Apple Watch SE.

Emergency calls work with a cellular connection or Wi-Fi Calling with the use of an internet connection from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How it’s works

The Crash Detection feature works to detect any severe car crashes. It can be the front impact, rear-end collisions, and rollovers. iPhone 14 users can activate this feature automatically. Even when you are riding sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, and other cars for passengers.

When the device has detected a severe car crash, your Apple Watch and iPhone sound an alarm. After that, your device will display an alert. Your device will then read the alert if you don’t respond because you cannot see the screen.

If you only have a watch, the screen will display an Emergency Call slider. But, if you have a watch that is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi, it can help you call emergency services.

crash detection feature works

If you are using iPhone or Apple Watch, you will see the Emergency Call Slider on the screen and the call is connected and the audio will play from your watch during the call.

You still have the option to call the emergency services or dismiss it. Just in case you cannot respond, the device will call the emergency service after a 20-second delay and it works automatically.

Using Crash Detection on iPhone 14 is also helpful if you just added emergency contacts. When it detects car crashes, the device will send a message to share your current location and let them know that you have been in a car crash. If you have set up a medical ID, your device will then display a medical ID slider. This is important to let the emergency responders access your information.

That is all about how to use Crash Detection on iPhone 14. If your vehicle has a feature to detect a crash and then make a call, that process will proceed with no changes at all.

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