How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone 14: The Complete Guide

Just like the previous iPhone and other iOS devices, set up voicemail on iPhone 14 is easy because you can do it in just a few simple steps.

Guide to set up voicemail on iPhone 14 series

What you have to do is to open the Phone app, and then tap on Voicemail. After that, choose Set Up Now. It is also important to know that your voicemail needs a password. So, choose it and then choose a greeting that you want.

iphone 14 voicemail set up

How to check voicemail on your iPhone 14

After following the instructions above on how to set up voicemail on iPhone 14, it is important to check it. Checking the voicemail is quite simple on this device. It is just like opening up the voicemail tab by heading to the Phone app.

On all iPhone models, you can access the list of voicemail messages and it is known as Visual Voicemail. However, the feature and the voicemail transcription are not available on all carriers, in all regions, and for all languages. So, it depends on your situation. It is possible if your device does not have these things.

Here are the steps on how to check the visual voicemail on your iPhone 14:

Open your Phone app, and then choose Voicemail. Choose a message you want and then tap on the play button and listen to the voicemail message.

check voicemail on iphone 14

Choose the delete button if you want to send a message to the Deleted Messages, here you can delete it permanently or undelete it. Again, it depends on the countries and regions because on some specific carriers, the providers have the authority to erase the deleted messages.

play voicemail on iphone

Just in case your iPhone 14 does not support the Visual Voicemail feature, you have to open the Voicemail and then follow the instructions on your device’s screen.

It is possible to use Siri if you want to access the voicemail. Once you activated Siri, say “Play a voicemail from a certain person”. Siri will play the voicemail just like your instruction.

More tips and tricks to using visual voicemail on your phone

Once you have set up voicemail on iPhone 14, it is possible to change the settings. To start, open the Voicemail. After that, tap on Greeting. Here, you will change your greeting.

But, if you would like to change the voicemail password, you have to open the Settings and then select Phone, and tap on Change Voicemail Password. Here, you can enter the new password for your voicemail.

Just in case you want to change the voicemail alert, what you have to do is to open the Settings and then find Sound & Haptics. Alternatively, you can access it from Settings and tap on Sounds. The next thing you should do is to adjust the voicemail’s alert sound just like what you want.

If your device supports voicemail transcription, it is great to tap on a message in Voicemail to see the transcription. For your information, transcription is now in beta, so it is possible if there are glitches with this service. Transcription is also about the quality of the recorded message. So, the experience of the user using this feature may vary.

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