How to Scan Text Into Notes on iPhone 14 Series Easily

Scan text into notes on iPhone 14 is possible if your device works with iOS 15.4 operating system. Users of the iPad 15.4 operating system also can enjoy this feature. Apple released this feature in March 2022 to the public.

What is the “Scan Text” shortcut is great to help you scan printed or even handwritten text quickly into the Notes app on your iPhone and iPad. Additionally, Apple shared a tutorial video along with the step-by-step on how to use the Scan Text feature.

scan text into notes on iphone 14

On your device running iOS 15.4 OR iPad 15.4, you can open the Notes app, and then tap on the camera icon. To continue, you need to tap on “Scan Text” and then tap on the insert button once the text has been inserted into the note. Even better, Samsung adds the “Scan Text” shortcut to the Reminders app.

Guide to scan text into notes on your iPhone 14

In the Notes app, you can scan text or documents by using the camera, here is the tutorial:

  • Scan Text into Notes

This feature allows you to insert scanned text by using the camera. Please note that it is only for the supported models with iOS 15.4 or later in the supported languages. If you want to scan text into notes on iPhone 14, here is the instruction to try:

    • In a note, tap on the camera icon, after that tap on Scan Text.
    • Position your device and make sure that the text appears within the frame of the camera.

scan text into notes iphone

    • You will see the yellow frame to detect the text and then tap on the text icon.
    • Drag to select the text, or you can use the grab points. After that, tap insert.
  • Scan a Document

Here are the following steps on how to scan a document in Notes:

    • Open the note apps and in a note, find the camera icon. After that, select the Scan Documents.
    • Place the iPhone so that the document page shows on the screen. iPhone will capture the page automatically. If you want to capture the page manually, tap on the shutter button. Alternatively, you can press a volume button on your iPhone 14. When you see the camera, you will find the thunder icon. You can use this icon to turn the flash on or off easily.

scan documents on iphone 14

    • Scan more pages and then tap on Save when you are done.
    • Now you have the saved documents. There are some editing tools that could be helpful such as adding more pages, cropping the image, applying a filter, rotating an image, marking up the document, or deleting the scan.

On the previous versions of iOS 15 and iPad 15, there is a scanning text into the Notes application that needs tapping on the note’s text field and then tapping on the Live Text icon.

There were some other features introduced by Apple such as the ability to unlock the iPhone by using the newer version of face ID without taking your mask off, Universal Control on the compatible iPad models, more new emojis, and the new voice option on Siri.

That is the tutorial to scan text into Notes on iPhone 14. If you have a related question, write it in the column provided below,

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