How to Record Video in Cinematic Mode on iPhone 14

When you are using Cinematic Mode for shooting, Apple has expanded the resolution options on iPhone 14. This post will explain more about Cinematic Mode and how to record video in Cinematic mode on iPhone 14 with the new higher 4,000 resolution settings.

Cinematic Mode works with Dolby Vision HDR and a technique known as “rack focus” that will shift the focus from one subject to another when you are shooting a video. It works by locking the focus on the subject in the scene and then making the background blurry. This way will help the video get the depth of the field.

record video in cinematic mode on iphone-14

If you move the camera subsequently to the center of a new subject or if the new subject enters the scene, then this mode will switch automatically. This mode will switch from the focal point to the new subject and then blur out the background.

For instance, you are right now shooting a video of someone. After that, the second subject joins in the scene. Your iPhone 14 will then adjust the surrounding blur intelligently to focus and lock on the second subject. It will also switch back to the first person automatically if the person’s face is a little bit away from the camera. As a result, the device generates a professional filmmaking effect.

On iPhone 13 series, you can record video with Cinematic Mode in 1080p at 30fps. But, it is interesting to know that Apple has improved the Cinematic mode on the iPhone 14 series. It can record 4K at 30fps and 4K at 24fps with the support of this feature.

How to change video in Cinematic Mode

On all four models of iPhone14, you can record Cinematic videos in 4K, for the higher resolution capture at 24 frames per second with film style or 30 frames per second. Here are the following steps on how to change the resolution:

  • Head to the Settings app on the iPhone 14.
  • Scroll down and then tap through the Camera.

change video in cinematic mode

  • Tap the Record Cinematic.
  • You have two options to choose from: Record cinematic 4K at 24 fps or 4K at 30 fps.

That is the complete instruction on how to record video in Cinematic mode on iPhone 14. Please note that in a minute of cinematic video mode, it needs about 135MB of storage available with the format 4K at 24 fps. But, if you choose 4K at 30 fps, it needs 170MB of storage.

How to record video in Cinematic Mode on iPhone 14

Here are the steps on how to record on iPhone 14 using this feature:

  • Launch the Camera app, and then switch to the Cinematic mode.
  • Tap the arrow in the landscape mode to show the adjustment options: tap on the Depth Control button and then drag the slider. This way will adjust the depth of the field. Tap the 1x button to switch it to the Telephoto. Tap on the button again, and read 3x to switch it back to Wide. Tap on the exposure button, then move the slider to allow brighter or darker video. After that, tap the flash button and then choose from On, Off, or Auto.

how to record video in cinematic mode

  • Tap on the record button on your iPhone 14 to start recording.
  • Tap on a subject in the viewfinder. This way will change the focus when you record. Double tap to set the automatic focus tracking on the subject. Also, you can touch and then hold on to the screen. This way will help you lock the focus at a certain distance from the camera.
  • Finally, you can tap on the record button once more to finish recording.


Now, you can use and then record video in Cinematic mode on iPhone 14. With this mode, your device camera can record any video with a shallow depth of field. Also, it helps you a lot to add a nice focus transition for a video with a cinema-grade look.

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