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How to Make a Group FaceTime Call on iPhone 14

Users of iPhone 14 can use the FaceTime application and when you are using a Group FaceTime call, it can support about 32 participants. However, this feature is not available in all regions and countries.

group facetime call on iphone 14

Steps to making a group FaceTime call on your iPhone 14

Here are the instructions to create a Group FaceTime call on iPhone 14:

  • In FaceTime, tap on New Facetime close to the top of the screen.
  • Type the numbers or names of the people you would like to call in the field at the top. Also, you can tap on + to open Contacts. After that, add people from there. Alternatively, tap the suggested contact in the call history.

create a group facetime call

  • Tap the camera icon to make a video call or tap the telephone icon to start a FaceTime audio call.

Each participant appears in a tile on the device’s screen. When a participant speaks using sign language or verbal or taps the tile, the tile then becomes more prominent.

If some tiles cannot fit on the screen, they will show in a row at the bottom of your device. Additionally, if you want to find a participant that you do not see, then swipe through the row.

If you want to prevent the tile of the participant speaking or signing and becoming larger during the call, here are the instructions to follow: Open Settings > After that, toggle off Speaking below Automatic Prominence.

Please note that both presenter and participants require iOS 14, macOS 11, iPadOS 14, or later.

Start a call Via Group Message Conversation

You can even Make a Group FaceTime call on iPhone 14in a group Message conversation with the people you are chatting with. Here are the following steps to know:

  • Tap the video call, located at the top right of the Messages conservation.

start facetime call via group message

  • Do the following actions: Tap on FaceTime Audio or FaceTime video.

Add Another Person to a Call

All participants can add another person during a FaceTime call with the following steps:

  • During a FaceTime call, tap on the screen if you want to display the FaceTime controls. After that, tap the information icon at the top of the control. And then, tap “Add People”.
  • Type the name, phone number, and Apple ID of the person that you would like to add in the entry field located at the top of the device. Alternatively, tap on + to add someone from the Contacts.

add another person to a call

  • Tap on “Add People”.

That is all the complete information about how to Make a Group FaceTime call on iPhone 14. You can then invite anyone to join a Group FaceTime call. After that, receive a notification of the incoming call. Here, you have two options that are decline or join.

Just in case you would like to leave a Group FaceTime call, you need to leave a group call at any time that you want. The call remains active if there are two or more participants still in the call.

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