Download the All New iPhone 14 Wallpapers Full Resolution

Apple has released iOS 16 for everyone, and one of the things to enjoy is the new wallpapers. Besides, the new wallpapers are exclusive to the latest generation of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro versions. But, if you would like to get the new wallpapers without buying a new device, here is the place to download them.

iphone 14 wallpapers

The main reason iOS 16 offers a new wallpaper system is because of the updated lock screen. Even though the update has many wallpapers, Apple decided to remove the old wallpaper.

Here are all the new iPhone 14 wallpapers

As for the user of the iPhone 14, there is a new wallpaper for each color. Apple has launched the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus with some specific images. Buyers have the choice to pick blue, midnight, red, purple, and starlight models.

Moreover, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max wallpaper has four different options, just like the iPhones. Those are deep purple, space black, silver, and gold.

Just like other wallpapers on iOS 16, the new iPhone 14 wallpapers do not have any specific version for dark mode. But now, you could extract the wallpapers in the original resolutions from the iPhone 14.

You can start downloading the new wallpaper for your iPhone 14. The wallpapers are available in full resolution. What you need to do is to click the image. After that, save the full wallpaper resolution and set it for your background image via the Photos app or Settings app.

Please note that the wallpapers are available only for portrait orientation. So, they do not look good on devices such as iPads and Macs.

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Why You Need Wallpaper Full Resolution for iOS 16

Again, now the fans of Apple’s software get excited about the new features the giant company has offered. This year, iOS 16 comes out with new customization options for the lock screen and other important improvements.

On top of it, the update offers a new wallpaper to your operating system. You can download it from here.

Before downloading this new feature, we have something interesting to tell after analyzing the code of iOS 16. iPhone wallpapers were available with static images. Live Wallpapers offered static versions. Also, a short video for the animated choice. Now, you can enjoy iOS 16 with something fresher than the predecessor.

With the support of the new lock screen, animations and images interact with the widget and clock. The wallpapers are now not in the form of static images anymore.


In this post, we found a method to render the new wallpaper on iOS 16. Now, you can share the high-resolution wallpapers here. The iOS 16 default wallpaper comes in a single version, there are no different pictures for the dark and the light modes. The image comes in shades of green, blue, and yellow.

But, if you are looking for a dark version or something to use on other devices, the iPad’s 16 still comes with static images. Now, download the new wallpaper for iOS 16 with full resolution below. Click the button and then save the wallpaper. After that, set it from your Settings or Photos app if you use an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

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