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iPhone 14 Battery Replacement is More Expensive than iPhone 13

Before, Apple has been charging battery replacements for about $69 for many years. But now, if you have a problem with the battery on your new iPhone. Apple iPhone 14 battery replacement cost is $99.

Apple created a hard point of surprising their buyers by keeping the prices of the new iPhone 14 just the same as the iPhone 13 models. It happens for the US market. But now, the price has risen everywhere, excluding China. It is not the end because Apple also raised the replacement prices including in the US market.

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Apple iPhone 14 battery replacement cost

Currently, there are 33 iPhone models that Apple supports with battery replacement. Outside of the AppleCare+ options, the starting price is now $99 to get an iPhone 14. For any replacement of the iPhone 13, it is still the same which is $69. That is also the price for the battery replacement in any iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and all iPhone X models.

It is $49 for the remaining supported devices. Those are for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and even the iPhone SE models.  But, we cannot blame Apple for this point. It is because removing and replacing the battery in the new iPhone 14 models is more complex or takes more time. That will not become clear until these devices are in your hands and you can perform teardowns.

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However, it is illogical for any new iPhone 14 to pay about $99 when you want to replace the battery soon after the launch. If the battery does not work properly in the first year and it drops under 80% capacity, Apple fixed it with their warranty.

Moreover, if you take out the extended AppleCare+ warranty, under typical situations, Apple can replace the battery with no additional cost. As long as it is under the duration of the contract.

In normal conditions, with no physical damage such as a puncture through the iPhone, Apple says the battery is depleted at 80%. Also, this condition has been through so many cycles of charging over many years. Therefore, the capacity and battery performance can be reduced.

In this case, though, you need to spend about $99 to get a new battery for the iPhone 14.

How to maximize the Battery Performance of iPhone 14

The amount of time your iPhone 14 runs before it asks you to charge the battery is the definition of “Battery life”. Meanwhile, the amount of time the battery lasts until you have to replace the battery is the definition of the “Battery lifespan”. You can maximize both the battery life and battery lifespan properly.

So, the first thing to do is to make sure that your iPhone 14 works with the latest software. Also, it is important to optimize your settings. For example, when you adjust the screen brightness and use Wi-Fi, it can preserve the battery life of your device.

Another way to prevent you from battery replacement too soon is by activating the low power mode. It is an easy way to help you extend the battery of your iPhone 14. This low-power mode reduces system animations, and display brightness, yet optimizes the device’s performance.

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