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How to Set up and Use Focus on iPhone 14 Series

use focus on iphone 14

Focus is a feature that helps you concentrate on a task by minimizing distractions. It’s also help you to filter notifications and applications automatically on your phone based on your status. It is important because you can reduce distractions by using this device. If you want to use focus on iPhone 14, lets read the ultimate guide below. Additionally, this feature helps you set your … Read more

How to Set up and Use Back Tap on iPhone 14 Series

use back tap on iphone 14

Not all people know how to use Back Tap on iPhone 14. Even though you are a new Apple user and you have the latest or the best iPhones, Apple always knows how to give the best surprise in its devices for its users. For the new user of iPhone 14, you can try to find the hidden feature in the section of the Settings … Read more

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 14: The Complete Guide

take screenshot on iphone 14

If you wonder how to take a screenshot on iPhone 14, well it is easy. Taking a screenshot is about how to capture any images of what you see on your device’s screen. In this post, we will show you the complete instructions that are also functional for the user of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Best methods to taking … Read more