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How to Edit or Unsend an iMessage on iPhone 14 Easily

edit or unsend imessage on iphone 14

Apple allows the users of iPhones with iOS 16 or higher to unsend or edit their text messages. It means that you can enjoy this feature on iPhone 14. You can edit or unsend an iMessage on iPhone 14 by reading the instructions below. For the recipients with the devices that use the earlier version of iOS, they will receive the messages with the “edited … Read more

How to Hide Apps on iPhone 14: The Complete Guide

hide apps on iphone 14

Just from accessing your mobile phone, everyone easily knows about your preferences, likes, or your personality. So, if you are using an iPhone working with iOS 16, you can hide the app on your device easily. It also means that Apple allows you to hide apps on iPhone 14. Here are the methods to hide the apps on your device, iPhone 14. Hiding Apps to … Read more

Complete Guide to Use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

use dynamic island on iphone 14

If we have to say that this year is the year of the iPhone, well it is not a wrong statement. It is because the iPhone has launched the most noticeable highlight in their iPhone 14 Pro series. What they did to the market is the presence of the new Dynamic Island. Now, you can use Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max … Read more

How to Use Dual SIM on iPhone 14: The Complete Guide

use dual sim on iphone 14

Now you can use dual SIM on iPhone 14 that you have purchased outside of the U.S. market. It is one of the models that can work with one physical SIM plus an e-SIM. It is also important to note that eSIM is not always available because it depends on the regions and countries. Here are the reason to use Dual SIM on iPhone 14 … Read more

How to Personalize Lock Screen on iPhone 14 and Add Photos

personalize lock screen on iphone 14

There are many ways to personalize Lock Screen on iPhone 14. For example, you can personalize it by adding wallpaper, layering images in front of the time, customizing fonts and colors, and adding widgets from the favorite apps to the Lock Screen, such as the current headline, the calendar events, and the weather. What makes it more interesting is that you can personalize your device … Read more