Complete Guide to Use Live Text for Video on iPhone 14

use live text for video

Users can use Live Text on iPhone 14, a handy feature that has been added by Apple since the introduction of iOS15. It revolutionised the way iPhone users copy, choose, and then take other actions with text in a photo. But, now Apple has released the iOS that also makes this feature allow users to use live text for video on their new iPhone 14. … Read more

How to Record Video in Cinematic Mode on iPhone 14

record video in cinematic mode on iphone-14

When you are using Cinematic Mode for shooting, Apple has expanded the resolution options on iPhone 14. This post will explain more about Cinematic Mode and how to record video in Cinematic mode on iPhone 14 with the new higher 4,000 resolution settings. Cinematic Mode works with Dolby Vision HDR and a technique known as “rack focus” that will shift the focus from one subject … Read more

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 14 Series Easily

show battery percentage on iphone 14

It depends on the device model you use; some models show the battery percentage in the Control Center or the status bar. For example, if you are using iPhone 13 or other models with the support of Face ID (iPhone X and later), then the battery percentage exists in the Control Center. What you should do is swipe down from the top-right corner of the … Read more

How to Make a Group FaceTime Call on iPhone 14

group facetime call on iphone 14

Users of iPhone 14 can use the FaceTime application and when you are using a Group FaceTime call, it can support about 32 participants. However, this feature is not available in all regions and countries. Steps to making a group FaceTime call on your iPhone 14 Here are the instructions to create a Group FaceTime call on iPhone 14: In FaceTime, tap on New Facetime … Read more

How to Connect iPhone 14 to CarPlay: The Complete Guide

connect iphone 14 to carplay

CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone 14 smartly and safely while you are driving. It allows you to make calls, get some directions, and send and then receive messages. Even better, you can enjoy your favorite music from here. Lately, Apple supports CarPlay with more app categories as well as custom wallpapers that you can use to complete your CarPlay Dashboard. Read the instructions … Read more