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How to Use Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone 14

With the focus on offering whole new and interesting safety features, Apple brought the new iPhone 14 model to the market. Their idea was about how to bring something new that hopefully users never have to use it. The highlight of the safety features was the presence of Emergency SOS via Satellite. The name itself describes a critical feature of the device. Use Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14, and it allows you to text your emergency provider when your device cannot find the available network coverage.

Emergency SOS via satellite

How it works?

Use emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone 14 to help you connect with emergency providers in an urgent situation. It means that your device cannot reach the emergency services. If you want to call or text the emergency services, or you cannot connect because your device is out of reach, then your device will connect to you using satellite to help you.

By using a satellite connection, it is more than just sending and receiving messages. But, it needs 15 seconds to send or receive if you are at a place, with a direct view of the sky. But, if you are under a tree with medium or light foliage, it takes more than a minute to send or receive a text.

In short, emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14 lets you send and receive texts. Even though there is no cellular tower around you.

The current feature allows you to call emergency services if you need help using cellular service. But, if you are using the updated version of iPhone 14, it will work silently differently.

Since satellite connectivity is limited, users cannot do or receive a phone call. But, they can send or receive short text messages. In an emergency situation, every second is important. Therefore, Apple has made a short questionnaire in the form of text prompts or answer presets to choose from.

For example, when anyone is hurt, elevation, and the battery life of the device. Emergency SOS will also send the Medical ID of the users automatically, including the emergency contact information saved on the device.

When you have sent messages using an iPhone 14 via satellite connection, it will not show up as blue or green chat bubbles. But it shows gray bubbles.

Steps to use Emergency SOS via Satellite on iPhone 14

This feature is accessible on all four models. You can use it on the standard iPhone, the iPhone 14 Plus, and the higher-end iPhone 14 Pro editions. If you want to use Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14, you have to activate this feature first. To do so, press and then hold the side button as well as one of the volume buttons on your device. Wait until this option appears.

emergency sos via satellite on iphone 14

The iPhone 14 is more than just notifying the emergency services. But, if you are camping in a remote area and you want to send your location to your family, this feature saves you. You can tap the satellite connectivity through the Find My app and share your location.

This feature requires iOS and it is a free feature for two years. Apple may bundle it with subscription plans even though it is still unclear.

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